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Fun Run & Junior Fun Run

Registrations for the Fun Run and Junior Fun Run are live on the SiEntries website. Fun Run Distance: 4 km Minimum age: 11 Start time: 10.50 am Price: Age 11-15   £4 Age 16+     £6 Junior Fun Run Distance: 1.2

Barrathon 2019 – Registration

The next Barrathon will be held on Saturday 29th June 2019. Registration for the Barrathon will open at 7.30pm on Tuesday 29th January 2019. SiEntries will be handling the registration process again this year. When all the places have been

Running the Barrathon in 7:45

A time lapse video of the Barrathon:

Barrathon 2018 – Results

The Barrathon results can be viewed on the Barrathon Results page. The Fun Run results can be viewed on the Fun Run Results page. The Junior Fun Run results can be viewed on the Junior Results page. For additional information

Barrathon 2018 – Race Reports

Race reports for the Barrathon, Fun Run, and Junior Fun Run can be viewed on the Race Reports page.